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Giant Leopard Moth

Moths of Pennsylvania

Giant Leopard Moth (Ecpantheria scribonia.)


More photographs coming soon...

Next, we have a Giant Leopard Moth, or Ecpantheria scribonia. It is a medium-sized moth in the Tiger Moth family. These occur commonly in our area, especially in late June and July. The full range is from the eastern U.S. west to North Dakota, with 2 broods.

Giant Leopard Moths can be confused easily with Leopard Moths, which are in the family Cossidae, or the Carpenterworms. But, upon reasonably close examination, it becomes fairly easy to tell them apart, as the Leopard Moth has the long (longer than the wings), fat body common to Carpenterworm moths, and the spots on the wings are solid instead of circles filled with white.

Giant Leopard Moths feed on a great many trees, including cherry, maples, willows, and many more depending on where in its range the moth is.