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Moths of Pennsylvania

These are some useful sites that we use often.
This is John Himmelman's moth site. We highly recommend the site and his book to all moth-ers.

Connecticut Moth of the Week

This is Steve Walter's moth of the week site. It is another excellent website.

NY Moth of the Week

This is Bill Oehlke's site focusing on the family saturniidae. It has lots of great pictures and information on where they are found. It costs $20 for a lifetime membership for students, and $35 for adults.

The World's Largest Saturniidae Site.

This is a nice site, with large selection of moths listed by county.

Moths of North America

This is Kirby Wolfe's site with lots of great pictures of silkmoths from around the world.

Kirby Wolfe Saturniidae Collection

To veiw a list of helpful identification books click here