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The Promethea Moth

Moths of Pennsylvania

A female Promethea Moth or (Callosamia promethea)





This week we have one of the most beautiful moths in our area, the Promethea Moth, or Callosamia promethea. The Promethea is among the largest moths we find, with a wingspan of 3-4 inchs (7.5-9.5 cm).

This particular moth is a female, and in the Promethea species the female and male vary greatly in appearance. 

The female calls during the evening, putting male Prometheas in the select group of moths that fly during the day.  Males may be found on the wing anytime from late afternoon to midnight, females awake several hours later and fly until dawn.

Prometheas are out during June, July, and sometimes August in our region. Their caterpillars feed on a variety of trees, including apples, ashes, basswood, birches, cherries, lilac, maples, sassafras, spicebush, sweet gum, and tulip-trees. Their cocoons are quite easy to sight during winter, as they hang from the bare branches of the host trees.