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Luna Moth

Moths of Pennsylvania

This is a Luna Moth

This is one of the most beautiful moths in North America, and Adam's personal favorite -The Luna Moth, picures courtesy of our biology teacher, Mrs. Bodnar.





Luna Moths can be found across the eastern U.S. and north to Canada, stretching west to about Kansas or so. Their populations have begun to decrease in recent years, especially in Canada, as many of the males are attracted to bright streetlights and other light byproducts of cities, and cannot leave these areas due to the light in order to mate and produce offspring. The female Lunas do not fly until they have mated, relying on the pheremones that they produce to attract the males. As previously stated, however, the males are often unable to escape the attraction of the bright city lights, thus making mating impossible. In the less urban areas of the eastern United States, however, Luna Moths continue to thrive.

Luna Moths grow to 7.5-10.5 centimeters in wingspan, and feed on a variety of deciduous trees, including birches, beeches, hickories, sweet gums, and willows. The adults do not feed.