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Why Mosquito Love Bugs Zappers

Moths of Pennsylvania

The bug zapper has employed by people for many years to battle probably the most reviled insect, the mosquito. But, studies have shown that this device does not kill mosquitos! Mosquitos are not attracted to lights, they are attracted to body heat, therefore, bug zappers, which employ black lights, have no effect against them. Other insects, however, are being killed in vast numbers by this device, such as mosquito predators and moths, which are responsible for 80% of the world's pollination. In a survey, out of 10,000 insects killed, only 8 mosquitos were taken out. In another survey, for every 1 mosquito knocked out, 250 mosquito perdators were killed.
If you are pesently using one of these zappers, unplug it (or use it for mothing with the zapper grid disabled. this is a simple process of snipping the wire connected to the zapper grid, these wires are located under the top of the unit). If you continue to run it, you're only doing the mosquitos a favor.
Written by Adam 7/19

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