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Hog Sphinx

Moths of Pennsylvania

The Hogs Sphinx or Darapsa myron



This is a Hog Sphinx, or Darapsa myron, also known as the Virgina Creeper Sphinx. It gets the latter common name from one of its host plants, the Virginia Creeper. The caterpillars also feed on Ampelopsis and virbernums.

The Hog Sphinx is fairly easy to identify, due to the abnormal green color, and the bright orange hind wings. It is medium sized for a sphinx moth, with its wingspan ranging from 5.7 to 7.5 cm.

Hog Sphinxes are among the most common sphinx moths, and they are on the wing from April to September. In our area, they are common throughout this time period, and are the second most common sphinx moth only to the Small-eyed Sphinx.