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file transfer between school and home
Tuesday, 17 February 2009
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potential, specifically

Posted by pamoths at 8:30 AM EST
Wednesday, 28 January 2009
New Plaintiff Closing
Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury-

Today you have heard testimony in the case of my clients against Mr/Ms Parker Plane and her company. You have heard the defense attempt to prove to you that Mr/Ms Plane is not in any way liable for the actions of her employee, Mr. Reilly Blaker. They have tried to prove that Mr. Blaker's actions were unforseeable, and that Mr/Ms Plane never knew what was going on. You have heard them try to make you believe that Mr/Ms Plane did not act irresponsibly in this matter. And you have heard them try to tell you that Mr. and Mrs. Hansbra do not deserve any compensation for the tragic death of their 17 year old daughter.
However, I believe firmly that our evidence and testimony carry significantly more weight than that provided by defense. We have shown to you that Mr/Ms Plane increased Mr. Blaker's duties significantly, and that she exploited his valuable skills to further her business. We have proved through Mr. Blaker's and Ms. Dylan Sabien's testimonies that Mr/Ms Plane was aware of the business negotiations with Mr/Ms Brody Crisdale, and that she not only approved Mr. Blaker's actions in this matter but also ordered him to continue with his scheme to merge the two corporations. For this reason, all actions by Mr. Blaker fell within the type of employment he was expected to provide the company, and also, these actions were for the purpose of serving the best interests of Mr/Ms Plane and Plane's Park and Polish. By proving this, we have satisfied the requirements of Respondeat Superior, and in so doing met our burden of proof.
In addition, however, we have also shown that Mr/Ms Plane was and is an irresponsible employer. Mr/Ms Plane decided to hire Reilly Blaker even with the full knowledge of his troubled past, which as stated in testimony today included a past DUI conviction and a messy firing from his previous job. Also, we have proven that Mr/Ms Plane knew of Mr. Blaker's unique skill set, which dwarfed that of any ordinary valet.
The testimony of Ms. Sabien further reveals Mr/Ms Plane's irresponsibility. It is the duty of any company president to enforce his or her own rules; however this was something that Mr/Ms Plane seldom did. Employees had essentially gotten away with using company facilities and the company car without permission, violations that were clearly against the company handbook and were supposed to carry heavy penalties. Through Ms. Sabien's honesty we discover that an employee could be chronically late, could frequently cut out early, and could give the minimum effort without ever expecting discipline of any kind. In large part, this was due to another irresponsible action by Mr/Ms Plane, which was eliminating regional managers in a cost-cutting move. As we have shown, Mr/Ms Plane's company was in dire financial straights, yet this does not justify making such a move that seriously hampers accountability and the ability to supervise employees.
Mr/Ms Plane has stated that upon the firing of her regional managers, she expected her other employees, like Mr. Blaker, to step up and take on additional responsibilities. This may seem innocent enough, but we here now know what types of "additional responsibilities she/he was referring to. Yes, Mr. Blaker's actions far overstepped the bounds of a valet at Plane's Park and Polish, but we have made it clear today that Mr/Ms Plane gave full consent to Mr. Blaker's actions, and therefore she/he is fully liable for any and all damages caused as a result of these actions. A terrible tragedy has occurred, ladies and gentlemen, and for this tragedy there is a price that must be payed. I urge you to please hand the bill to the person responsible, Mr/Ms Parker Plane.

Posted by pamoths at 1:36 PM EST
Thursday, 15 January 2009
Plaintiff closing

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:


Today you have heard testimony and seen evidence in the case of my clients against Plane’s Park and Polish. You have seen an attempt by the defense to prove……………………………..



However, I believe that the weight of evidence is strongly on our side. You have seen it shown today that Ms. Parker Plane was and is and irresponsible employer, failing to discipline employees for behavior contrary to company rules. With Reilly Blaker, this was no exception. Ms. Plane hired Mr. Blaker with the full knowledge of his troubled past, but also the full knowledge of Mr. Blaker’s skills, which dwarfed those of any ordinary valet.

You have also seen it proven today that rather than punishing Mr. Blaker for overstepping his bounds and seeking out a partnership with Mr. Crisdale, Ms. Plane rewarded him with a bonus check. Ms. Plane then not only condoned but even ordered Mr. Blaker to go ahead with his plan. This plan of course, as any that is so rooted in under-the-table dealing, ended in tragedy.

When an employer fails to keep his or her employees under even enough supervision to prevent them from giving tours while posing as the company owner, problems are imminent. We have seen through the testimony of Mr. Sabien that there was no accountability at this corporation—through Mr. Sabien’s honesty we discover that an employee could be chronically late, give the minimum effort, and leave early. Despite this, no disciplinary actions were ever taken. In large part, this may have been due to cost-cutting measures which included eliminating regional managers, which reduced accountability and supervision capability.

Clearly, in a situation in which the employer has lost control of his employees, their actions become his or her responsibility. The defense has attempted today to prove that Mr. Blaker was outside of his employment and therefore Ms. Plane is not responsible. Yet, as we have shown today, Ms. Plane gave full consent to Mr. Blaker’s actions, and is therefore fully liable for damages caused by the tragic actions of her employee. There is a price to be paid, ladies and gentlemen. I beg you to hand the bill to the person responsible, Ms. Parker Plane.

Posted by pamoths at 4:35 PM EST
Thursday, 13 November 2008
Northwestern Application Essay

    When one thinks about Northwestern University, probably the first thing that arrives in one's mind is the prestigious academic reputation that the University has developed. However, as an aspiring future sportscaster, my immediate reaction to Northwestern is to think of the successful sports personalities that were born in Evanston. Every morning on ESPN radio I hear the voice of Mike Greenberg, and every day at 5:30 I tune in to Pardon the Interruption with Michael Wilbon, both of whom are Northwestern alumns. My hope is to someday enjoy a career in the field of these two outstanding anchors, and how better to begin to accomplish that goal than by attending a school with the reputation of Northwestern?
    I have dreamed of becoming a sportcaster for as long as I can remember. And, ever since I reached an age at which people around me began to advise me on how best to pursue this dream, the name of Northwestern University has been suggested to me. I have always been amazed that as soon as I tell a teacher or guidance counselor what I hope to accomplish, the first school they suggest is nearly always Northwestern. Because of this, as my days in high school wore on and it became time for me to investigate potential colleges, Northwestern was the first school I researched. It didn't disappoint.
    Beyond the big-name alumni who populate the sports broadcasting world, Northwestern University has many tremendous qualities that set it apart from other schools. The Medill School of Journalism is world-renowned, and populated by only top students. The learning opportunities are endless, and the preparation for career success is reward enough, not to mention the prestige that comes from being a student and subsequently a graduate of the Medill School.
    The location of Northwestern University is another major asset. Being situated so near to Chicago, the opportunities for internships or on the job learning are as abundant and high-quality as any other university could possibly offer. For someone interested in sports, such location is perfect. Chicago possesses at least one team in every major sport, and each of these have a prestigious, winning tradition. Where better to study to become a sportscaster than the site of Michael Jordan's six championships, the Blackhawks' 28 consecutive playoff seasons, Walter Payton, the Super Bowl Shuffle, the Monsters of the Midway, Steve Bartman's debacle in the Cubs' 2003 playoffs, and the White Sox 2005 World Series victory that ended an 88-year drought.
    Not only does the location provide opportunities, but the University has programs in place to help students make the most of these opportunities. With internships and real reporting built in to the curriculum, graduates leave Northwestern fully armed to succeed in the world of journalism.
    Lastly, I was very impressed that a representative from Northwestern took the time to meet with me personally. I don't have the opportunity at my high school of seeing a college fair that includes schools like Northwestern, but this representative brought the college fair to me. I was able to learn a lot more about the University during this very informative meeting. This is the type of quality that sets Northwestern apart.
    Just the idea of attending Northwestern University excites me greatly. The opportunities present there, for education both inside the classroom and out, as well as the setting and beautiful campus, make for an extremely appealing University. I know that the potential for accomplishing my dreams and goals will be greatly bolstered by an education at Northwestern, and I continue to hope that such an opportunity will be possible for me.



I don't understand why this wouldn't upload to common app. maybe cuz it was RTF. leave it to my brother to not have MS word. ugh.


anyways, main questions-

1. too much like a letter?

2. typical comments and editing 

Posted by pamoths at 4:43 PM EST

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